Animated Snapping Sam Candy Bowl Hallowmas Decoration Play Toy (Purple)

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This Lovely Candy Bowl is light perceptive and voiced.A great gift for your friends or adornment on your desk. And also a great tackle to ask for candies in Halloween?

Leave the Animated Snapping Sam Candy Bowl out for trick-or-treaters with a sign expressing that you would prefer it if each child took only one piece. They’ll learn very quickly to follow that rule
When the animated skull character snaps forward. This unique bowl will provide the trick-or-treaters with a fun surprise.Activates when you reach for treats

Speaks funny Halloween phrases
Eyes and tongue pop out. Motion-activated
Holds up to 5 lbs. of candy.


  • Material:Plastic+Fabric
  • 3 batteries(AA) needed but not included in the package,due to customes regulations
  • This Grim Reaper is light-perceptive.When candies in the bowl were touched, the crim reaper screams and turns its eyes into red.Great for Halloween to ask for candies
  • Insert the AA batteris, the Grim Reaper starts to work
  • About 10 inches tall,2.5 lb


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