10 Things Not to Do in Your Halloween Costume
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Halloween is considered by many as one of the most festive times of the year. Great decorations, spooky tales and plenty of festivities are some of the elements that make Halloween so enjoyable.

halloween-articles6Included with this celebratory mix is that of the Halloween costume. Every year, much thought and deliberation are given to this costume. To help you make a better decision, we have compiled a list of ten things not to do in your Halloween costume. This focuses on the appearance and comfort of your costume so you can enjoy Halloween to its fullest.

1. Do not wear a mask that is too small. An ill-fitting mask is not uncomfortable, but it also contributes to such hazards as difficulty seeing and breathing properly. Roomy masks that allow you to move with ease, have large eye holes and do not restrict breathing are the most appropriate for any Halloween event.

2. Do not create a costume that is offensive to others. Not only is this impolitic, but it is mean-spirited as well. Halloween festivities usually are attended by people of all walks. Costumes that are insulting with regard to religion, politics, race and sexual orientation are simply inappropriate. Instead, stick to tasteful costumes that are fun and interesting.

Charades Mens Eyelet Pirate Shirt Adult Costume (Small)3. Do not feel obligated to do what everyone else is doing to their Halloween costume. Such a myriad of possibilities exist for designing a unique costume that you will find one to reflect your personality. Feel free to explore a number of possibilities before selecting your costume. If you are original, you will be a stand-out.

4. Do not try to be so original that others cannot figure out who you are. A big part of the challenge in finding a Halloween costume is simply being original. However, the other end of the spectrum is choosing something obscure that is difficult to assemble and even more difficult to recognize. Be creative, but also remember the basics.

5. Do not wear a costume that you will regret the next day. In the face of a Halloween party, it is easy to get carried away and select a costume that you otherwise would not wear. In some regards, this is part of the fun. However, if it does not fit well, is too revealing or simply is not what you want, you can always go to Plan B.

6. Do not wait until the last minute to decide what Halloween costume you want to wear. A just-in-time creation usually is not very compelling. Determine an idea early so you have plenty of time to plan and shop. The extra time you put into your costume will reflect in your appearance at the Halloween festivities.

7. Do not elect to attend a Halloween festivity dressed with your significant other as Adam and Eve. This also includes couples costumes of ketchup and mustard, scary clowns, and Pac-Man and Ghost. These costumes are simply terrible. Cute and refreshing ideas are available for those who want to dress as themed couples. Opt for one of those costumes instead.

Rubie's Star Wars Female Stormtrooper, White/Black, Small8. Do not include flammable material as part of your attire. This goes without saying, but often times burning candles are part of the décor at any Halloween event. Keep yourself safe by only wearing costumes that are made from standard materials.

9. Do not forget the makeup. All Halloween costumes require at least a little makeup to enhance their appearance. Use safe, non-toxic makeup and face paints to augment your costume even more.

10. Do not take your costume too seriously. Keep in mind that Halloween is a fun and festive time to share with friends. Try to retain an element of humor with your costume to add to the festivities. You will enjoy yourself more if your costume simply tells others that you want to be social and enjoy the ambiance of the event.

Follow this guide to make your next Halloween costume the best one yet. With so many options available, you are sure to hit on one that will be the talk of the party. Happy Halloween!

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