Vampire Contacts For a Scary New Year’s Eve Party
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For those of us who love a good party, Halloween isn’t the only time of the year for dressing up. Themed costume parties are awesome year round, and especially on New Year’s Eve.

Rubie's Transylvanian Vampire Costume, MediumIf you’re tired of the same old New Year’s Eve party, then maybe it’s time to throw tradition away and come up with a fun theme for this year’s party. There are tons of different themes you could choose from, with one of the most popular for New Year’s Eve festivities being a vampire theme. With a little creativity – think vampire contacts to get the creativity flowing – yours will be the party everyone will be talking about.

With the huge popularity of vampire books, movies and television shows, you should have no shortage of good ideas for food, decorations, music and costumes. While there are tons of different routes you can choose when it comes to costumes, the number one thing that will make your costume stand out will be vampire contacts. If you’ve never worn contacts before, a little information about them can be pretty helpful when choosing a pair.

InCharacter Costumes, LLC Women's Midnight Vampiress Costume, Red/Black, LargeFirst, costume contacts are no different than contacts used to change a person’s eye color. Colored contacts are just that – colored. The center of the contact, which is where your iris looks through, is left clear, so that the color or design present on the rest of the contact doesn’t affect your vision. Vampire contacts work the same way as any other contact used to change the color of your eyes, with of course the only exception being that they make your eyes blood red or completely white! And like regular colored contact lenses, vampire lenses are also made by well respected names in the eye care industry.

Ciba Vision and Cooper Vision both have lines of costume contacts, including ones to finish off any vampire costume. There are other vampire contact manufacturers on the market, but it’s best to stick with well recognized and trusted eye care brands. Contact go directly in your eye, meaning than those made by inferior manufacturers stand the risk of damaging your eyes. Your best bet for buying vampire costumes lenses are through your ophthalmologist, or directly off the Internet. There are many reputable companies online that supply costume lenses from these high quality names in eye care, which means that you can probably even same money by ordering online. Which leaves more money for the rest of your costume.

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