Halloween Vampire Makeup
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When will Halloween arrive! Its taking so long to get here. I am looking forward to terrifying the little ones out trick-or-treating. I wear my vampire gear complete with glued on fangs, special make up and a dark long cloak. And I am confident I resemble the real thing when I am done.

halloween-costume8Just ask the numerous small ghouls, witches and monsters that came knocking on my door last year. I paid a high price for my fun though, in the form of large handfuls of candy. But it was worth it. Halloween is just one day. I think everyone should get into the swing of it and enjoy the whole ghoulish experience. Are you ready for Halloween? Do you have your costume?

So what will you be? There are always people drawn to the Jason or Freddy costumes. I don?t know what it is about those flicks. What reason could there be for wanting to walk about as a movie serial killer? I don?t know. But like them, it?s the same costume every year for me.

halloween-costume7You might think this is a bit unimaginative but I have it down to a science now. I?m sure like the fans of Freddy or the vampire ensemble I have, you are drawn to some specific area, be it werewolf or witch. Whatever character you are thinking about, your best bet for a huge selection is the internet. That?s where I get my fangs and make up.

You don?t have to drag yourself to the store and rummage about looking for something. You don?t have to worry about your favorites costume being out of stock or the costs being too high. All you need to do is check out the variety of sites choose a costumes and you would be on your way.