Ideas For an Infant Halloween Costume


Halloween is a great time to dress up and get going with the candy. Babies and infants are often dressed by their parents in adorable costumes and paraded up and down the neighborhood. An infant Halloween costume needs to be comfortable and safe for the infant. The comfort and safety of the infant is a priority because parents will not buy unsafe costume that may put their child in danger of choking, suffocating or any other danger.

Choosing An Infant Halloween Costume

Ladybug Costume Baby One Size (Up to 24 months)Ideally, an infant Halloween costume must have no strings or ties that the child might be choked with or eat up and choke on. Remember that older infants can hold on to something and just put it in their mouths without any thought for the consequences. An infant Halloween costume needs to be comfortable in such a way that the infant is not restricted or else you will have a bawling child in your hands while trick or treating. The infant Halloween costume that you pick for your infant needs to be suited for the weather during the season. In most states of the United States of America, November is a cool or chilly month. Dress your child in an infant Halloween costume that can keep him or her warm and less susceptible to the autumn chill.

Costumes For Halloween Suited For Infants

Infants might also appreciate infant Halloween costumes that are less restrictive like those that rely most on accessories than clothing itself to express what they represent. Angel costumes with soft pliable wings that can bend when the infant lays on them are great as well as the devil costume that need only a soft fabric headband with fabric horns. For the angel costumes, you can dress your child in an all white ensemble while the devil costume will need a black or a red ensemble. The wings for the angle infant Halloween costume are essential, the same with the red fabric horns.

Rubie's Cute As Can Be Pink Fairy Tutu Costume - Toddler (1- 2 Years)


A flower costume can be brought to life with a green shirt and a large flower headband made of fabric. While a fairy costume needs only a shimmery short skirt with some soft fabric wings. Other ideas for great infant Halloween costumes include action heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman. If interested in superheroes as the infant Halloween costume for your child, you might like to choose those who have no masks because these can be cumbersome for your infant.

The comfort and safety of your child is the priority in choosing an infant Halloween costume. This is a necessity to a successful Halloween celebration or for a longer period of trick or treating.

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