Sexy Halloween Gangster Costumes
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This costume is ideal for Halloween parties and people to dress dangerously! Gangsters carry a certain connotation of danger and excitement, so it is not so hard to believe that even a lady might like to dress up in a sexy gangster costume. If that is what you would like to try, you do not have to wait for Halloween. halloween-costume33These days, surprising your man with something different for his birthday or your anniversary is quite all right. Women find the hint of danger of gangster pretty sexy too. Also, some people like to throw costume parties. So, the need for a costume can come at any time of the year.

Well, after you decide that a sexy gangster costume is what you want, what next? Okay, you truck on down to your local costume store; easily done, if you have one. But, what if you live in a small town; or the nearest costume shop is miles away? When you consider the price of gas these days, you may want to re-think that plan. Fortunately, our modern high-tech world has the perfect solution: the Internet. Go online; pick out any of one of the more useful search engines, and type in the parameters you are looking for. You’ll get a list of good companies that have just what you are looking for, some of them have a full line of great sexy gangster costumes.

halloween-costume34If you want an outfit that is appropriate for just about any party, the Glamour Gangster features a long skirt and crop top. While a bit risqué, it is still quite modest. On the other hand, if something a bit… friskier – is what you desire, they have several fine costumes. The Miss Mafia, the Gangster Girl Garter, Sexy Gangsta Girl, Bugsy’s Babe, and Bootleg Beauty Sexy all feature a very short skirt; some have crop tops, and most come with an appropriate hat. If your man decides to go as a cop, you can always have a game of “cops and robbers” after the party – or instead of going at all! If, guys, you want to be the gangster too, you have it easy – black shirt, white tie and pinstripe suit and you’re good to go, especially if you team the outfit with a gangster hat at a jaunty angle. Think of Al Capone in his heyday.

When it comes to making your purchase, these online costume shops has got a secure shopping system; so there is no need to worry about your credit card information getting stolen. Shipping can be had for as little as $4.99, or – if you need your sexy gangster costume quickly, for $17.99 you can have it in two to four days.

Now, if you decide to try the homemade approach, a gangster costume is not that hard to put together. Go to just about any old clothes store, Goodwill or thrift store. What you want to look for is a man’s old suit. Then it is just a question of what sort of outfit you want. Take it in, making it snug, and presto – a sexy gangster costume. If something wilder is what you crave, clip the pants short and do not bother with the jacket; just get a white shirt and cut the sleeves off. A nice fedora, a purse and toy gun, and your ensemble is complete. So, whether store bought, found online, or done on your own, you can get the sexy gangster costume you want!